Makeup Starter Kit 

Need help getting started? This right here is all you’ll need, including products you should purchase and directions on how to use them. Makeup made simple, easy for everyone. And for the more expert makeup lovers use these products to create a 5 minute makeup look! 


One of the hardest makeup related tasks to do is finding a foundation to match your skin. Throw in skin types/tones and things can get real messy real fast. What do I suggest for beginners? Skip foundation and go to straight to concealer. Find a colour that is about a shade lighter then your skin. My favourite all around concealer is the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer. Apply (with the attached sponge tip) under the eyes in a triangle shape and between the brows in another triangle shape to highlight the center of your face making you look more awake. (See the picture down bellow👇🏼) You also want to conceal any spots or blemishes on the face, putting product on those problem areas. To blend this out you can use either of the two brushes I have listed further down bellow. You’ll want to push the product into your skin using dabbing motions. Swipes just remove the product from your face and will give less coverage! 


You don’t want all that coverage you just put on your face to fade. To lock it in, you will want to set it with powder. Use the Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder in Transparent. Transparent has no colour, making it less cakey and leaves your face looking more natural. Swirl the same brush you used to blend out the concealer, in the powder then lightly dust on your face. 

Blush will give colour to your face making you have a heathy glow. Wet N Wild blushes are all great quality but I recommend Rose Champagne because it is more of a nude colour that can be used as a blush and bronzer.  Apply using the blush brush I have listed to the sides of your forehead down to the apples of your checks. 


Here are the brushes previously mentioned. The first two starting from the left are The Real Techniques Buffing Brush and the E.L.F. Selfie Ready foundation brush. These are what you’re going to use for blending out concealer (both blend perfectly). Like I said before, make sure you’re pressing the concealer into you skin to get maximum coverage. 

The Real Techniques Blush Brush has multiple uses, the reason why I suggest everyone pick up this up! Like I directed up above this brush works great for applying blush and bronzer but I also think this is a wonderful powder brush. 


Brows are everything in the makeup world now a days but drawing them on is no small feat. The easiest way to have nice brows is by using a tinted eyebrow gel. My two favourites are The Annabelle Brow Show Eyebrow Shaping Gel and The L’oreal Brow Stylist Plumper. Both do a great job of filling out the brows and holding them in place. This helps to shape the face making your makeup look more put together.  

The Maybelline Lash Sensational is one of the best mascaras the drugstore has to offer! It gives length plus definition and with the plastic spikey brush you’ll have separated lashes with no clumps. To apply you’ll want to start at the base of your lashes and slightly wiggle up to the top. I do that exact step about 30 times then move on to the next eye. About the time I finish my second eye the first eye should be close to or done drying.  I will them add about 15 more coats to my first and then second eye using the same technique. Don’t forget to apply mascara to the bottoms lashes using the same zig zag motion but with less coats. This is probably the most time consuming process but well worth the work! 


Both of these palette are super impressive quality and great for starting out, actually I would recommend these to everyone no matter what stage they’re in. If you are starting out I would just use your fingers as tool or even the small sponge tip applicators that come in the compact. In the picture bellow I used my finger and applied the 7th shadow in from the left side in the NYC palette.  


Everyone needs a good nude and a bright bold lipstick! Maybellines Colour Sensational in the Buffs in Nude Lust is the perfect nude. The body Shop Lip and Cheek Velvet Stick is one of my favourite bold red lipsticks, what it does is react to your skins pH level and creates the perfect unique red colour for you!  

There you have it, everything you need to start your makeup kit! 

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