Battle of the brow pencils 


I have done a similar post to this before but I’ve tried a few new pencil products and wanted to share my thoughts. If you want to know what the best option is out there, I’m here to let you know! Down bellow I’ll compare 5 retractable pencils by formulation, packaging, amount of shades offered then will give an overall rating out of five! Hope you enjoy!


Formulation: This is a creamy product, which means it will glide on smoothly but at same time will glide off just as easily. I wish it was a tad bit waxier to extend longevity.

Packaging: This product has perfect packaging because it had a spoolie on one end and has a fine tip for precise application.

Amount of shades offered: 3

Overall rating : 3/5


Formulation: Extremely waxy which means it will stay on and hold everything in place but after application it is hard to blend out which can look unnatural.

Packaging: Not my favourite packaging because there is no spoolie, instead a powder that works for about one use. Also the liner is thicker than other pencils on this list.

Amount of shades offered: 4

Overall rates: 2/5


Formulation: This is my favourite forulation on the list. It’s the perfect mix of wax and cream meaning it will last long and glide on with ease.

Packaging: This is where the product falls short. There is a lame spoolie that does nothing for your brows. I will say that Annabelle has a sister company called Marcelle that has identical products. The pencil from this line has the same formulation AND a spoolie attached but is usually 3-5 dollars more. Also they both have a skinny liner that I love.

Amount of shades offered: 6

Overall rating: 4/5


Formulation: This is the most creamy product on the list and like I said above cream is not great for long wear, even worst for oily skin girls.

Packaging: This packaging is alright. It does have a spoolie which is a plus but I find it to be big and pushes the creamy formulation around changing the shape of your brows. Also this liner is a touch too thick for me.

Amount of shades offered: 3

Overall rating: 3/5


Formulation: This formulation is very similar to the Annabelle pencil with a tinny bit more wax. Still a good mixture of cream and wax for good hold and easy application.

Packaging: Another product that has perfect packaging. Not much to say, it has a good spoolie and thin liner.

Amount of shades offered: 8

Overall rating:  5/5

11 thoughts on “Battle of the brow pencils 

  1. I may just have to try the NYX one. I’m still a strong fan of the Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade, but sometimes I just don’t like to spend so much money. Loved this post!

  2. I’ve been in a brow product struggle recently, I really needed to read this! Definitely going to go try the NYX one.

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